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Oslo, Norway

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  • Who are Leksjoner?
    Our online courses are conducted via our sister company's website ( It is an efficient digital platform that enables easy completion of online courses. The content of the courses is made by StockHelp, but execution and payment take place at Leksjoner.
  • How to get a 100% discount on the online courses?
    Buy an item of clothing from the brand Dubois ( with the name (100% Off) and get all our online courses included.
  • Who are Dubois?
    Clothing brand Dubois with the website ( is our sister company that supplies quality clothes at a reasonable price, the clothes with the name (100% Off) include access to all our online courses.
  • Do you offer investment advice?
    No, according to rules from the EU, investment advice requires a license and extensive documentation. therefore unfortunately does not provide investment advice.
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