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Invest in knowledge.

These online courses give you an opportunity to increase your level of knowledge about the Stock market and the Crypto market.


The biggest factor behind success in the financial markets is knowledge. Our courses are presented in a simple and educational way through a step-by-step plan.

Our courses:

Nettkurs om aksjehandel

Stock Market

This course offers you a step-by-step plan, which helps you understand how the stock market works.

Nettkurs om trading

Stock Trading

If you want to succeed in stock trading, this course contains lucrative trading strategies.


Take part in the economy of the future, learn everything you need to know about the cryptocurrency market.

Crypto Trading

This course is suitable for those

who are looking for inspiration

about trading strategies.

"The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient."

- Warren Buffett

  • Who are Leksjoner?
    Our online courses are conducted via our sister company's website ( It is an efficient digital platform that enables easy completion of online courses. The content of the courses is made by StockHelp, but execution and payment take place at Leksjoner.
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    Buy an item of clothing from the brand Dubois ( with the name (100% Off) and get all our online courses included.
  • Who are Dubois?
    Clothing brand Dubois with the website ( is our sister company that supplies quality clothes at a reasonable price, the clothes with the name (100% Off) include access to all our online courses.
  • Do you offer investment advice?
    No, according to rules from the EU, investment advice requires a license and extensive documentation. therefore unfortunately does not provide investment advice.
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