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Stock Trading

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The course offers you a step-by-step plan, which helps you increase your knowledge about stock trading. If you want to start with stock trading, this course is designed to help you in a simple and understandable way. The step-by-step plan contains practical examples from listed companies, where you gain insight into methods for analyzing a company. Being able to assess the potential and risk of a company, which is important when you start trading stocks. If you want to start trading, the step-by-step plan offers many trading strategies. The course gives you better insight into the stock market, which is very important if you want to make good choices. This course helps you make good choices throughout the process of buying and selling stocks. Course content: Trading - Step by step plan for different trading strategies - Technical analysis - Market observations - Psychology - When should I take a profit, and when should I take a loss - Examples from Stock Exchanges Target group for the course The course offers a holistic and practical understanding of how to trade stocks, which makes it suitable for those who are new to stock trading. More experienced stock investors will also benefit from the course, by discovering new strategies and market observations. If you are completely new to the stock market, we recommend completing the Stock Market course before starting the Trading course.

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